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In 2007, Challenge 59 took place in Halton - the UK’s 13th most deprived ward at the time. Winners of the school storyboard competition used a whole school approach across the curriculum. The winning films were premiered locally, nationally and internationally at the British Film Institute, on BBC Bigger Picture in Manchester, at Moves08 International Film Festival, Choreographic Captures (Munich) and National Healthy Schools Conference. The pupils and their teachers became advocates and active citizens in sharing their films with their families and local community.
This short documentary from the pilot project in 2007 features interviews with pupils and teachers. Click here to view our 2007 documentary.

Winning Films

Year 7 and 8 pupils joined together in a bid to not feel intimidated by older smokers in the bike sheds. On the 59th second a boy chose to close his mouth symbolising that he had stopped breathing.

Year 6 pupils aiming to show a classmate falling into a body, as Alice in Wonderland falls into a well, to see different food groups.

Wanting to show that- even though disabled - they could live active, healthy lives. Their film runs left to right as children wanted to show that health is a journey across the life course.

‘Challenge 59 has been a great initiative for schools in Halton….one of our main concerns as a borough is health but this project has brought together the creative talents of individuals working in the borough, the borough’s commitment to the arts and our creative children and teachers to participate in a project which helps to deliver key messages to the community by the young people themselves!’

Ruth Bates, Dance Development Officer

‘I enjoyed everything especially logging all of the shots and learning how to direct a film and how audio is added’


‘I just hope that this opportunity continues to be opened to other schools, authorities and pupils as it has the potential to have a very positive impact on many lives and communities…the pupils have learnt more than we will really know. Team work skills, speaking and listening, co-operation, healthy eating, the power to change and make a difference, inspiration and added confidence to develop other talents’

St. Basil’s Primary School

‘I would do it again if given the chance as I want people to be healthy and would love the experience again’


‘I learnt that dancing can send a message and the way that you move can show your feelings’


‘A project like this encourages young people to try out new ideas and to gain knowledge and experience in a new field. At a local and regional level Healthy Schools works to improve emotional, psychological, social and physical health….the project was well designed with clear aims and sustainability. I like that the local partners were invited to view the entries.’

Andrea Tait, Health Promotion Specialist

‘I learnt about film equipment and that dances aren’t always about just dance moves’


‘I would love to see more projects like this utilizing the arts as it is such a natural form of expression for young people’

Teacher, Fairfield High School